ChemVLab+ activities are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and use authentic scenarios to help students learn to reason like chemists.

Access the FREE Beta versions of the activities by following these steps

  1. Go to: k12.oli.cmu.edu
  2. Click "Student" (upper right)
  3. In the "Register with a Course Key" field enter: int-chem-pre
  4. Click "Register" and complete the registration.

If you are ready to use the activities with your students, the linked PDF provides details for how to access and use the activities.

The activities are still in development, but we are releasing them early for teachers to use for their distance learning.

Please use this form to provide feedback and share any issues you encounter.

We will use your input as we continue to refine the activities.

PowderAde: Using Sports Drinks to Explore Concentration and Dilution

Using IV Solutions to Explore Dilution

Gravimetric Analysis

Bioremediation of Oil Spills